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Table of Contents

1. A synopsis

I like keeping my mind constantly occupied, therefore I have picked up many interests throughout the time. On this personal page I'd like to talk about the various stuff I'm working on, as well as my (unasked) opinions on various subjects, such as reviews of various stuff or just me dumping my pessimistic views on the world (big words I know).

1.1. Overview

A short sight of what this page will contain, in no particular order or structure.

  • Programming
    • Nim
    • Haskell
    • Theoretical CompSci
    • Monad Esoterism
  • Sysadmining
    • Linux
    • Self-hosting/Homelabs
    • Virtual Machines
    • Turning a perfectly fine system into one held by ducttape
  • Audiovisuals and Music
    • Synthetizers
    • Music Production
    • Livecoding & algorithmic compositions/images
    • Image editing
  • Rants & Philosophy
    • Reviews of anything I get to work with
    • Doomer thoughts I might as well write somewhere

2. Contacts

Author: ~idf

Created: 2023-01-10 Tue 09:30